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About Us


Meet Talha Islam

Mr Talha, currently the ambassador of IAPex Pakistan 2022, has over a decade of experience preparing feasibility studies and planning, designing, and managing over 50 projects in Pakistan. The projects included houses, commercial plazas, office buildings, hospitals, housing schemes, community centres, mosques, schools, colleges, clubs, boutiques and showrooms, and other structures. Working on the design of Twin Galleria, a co-working space, as a Project Manager and Architect - Planner. He is the Project Architect for Lahore's upcoming Lake Mount Housing Society, which will cover two square kilometers. He created Kundian National Park, officially opened by Pakistan's Prime Minister. He worked as a Project Manager and Planner for Idara Paigham ul Quran International and Kundian National Park in Mianwali.

Talha Islam

CEO - Abode Clime Architects

AbodeClime Architects

Abode Clime is a full-service architecture and design company. We agree that everyone can be an architect, and through our experiance, we can let you reach your architectural and design desires. From our workplace in Lahore, we offer great pinnacle services to our clients, from beginning to completion. We offer an extensive variety of services, which include architecture, interior design, landscaping design, 3D design, town planning, project management, and more. We intend to assist our customers to achieve the aesthetic and purposeful dreams they choose for their initiatives – whether it’s a new domestic or a whole cityscape. If you’re looking for proficient specialists who will paint tirelessly to meet your desires, look no further than Abode Clime.


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